Darts: The Hunt For The Mug

Last season a darts team contacted me with a design concept - Mug Hunters. They sent over a snap of the mug, which is the championship trophy for their league, The Raleigh Dart League in North Carolina.

The design winds up featuring the mug with a set of darts resting in it, the team name Mug Hunters in a camouflage pattern and a few bullets all from the point of view as if one were looking through a scope.

Congratulations are in order as they indeed won the coveted mug!

Alberto and his band of Hunters marched on to victory that season and are currently starting a new season to defend their title as league champs. Fellow Mughunter Trent sent in a request for a special dart shirt I think turns out to be a great addition to the teams look.

Best of luck for another great season Mug Hunters!