Mobile Apps for Darts: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

What would your darts app do?

Seems nowadays everything ends with the phrase "There's an app for that". Yet when I look around for a darts app, all I seem to find is Darts Scorer for iPhone, something called Pro Darts for the iPhone and a few others for keeping score or playing dart games on your mobile device.

Being a darts junkie, I really don't need help with keeping score and despite my love for the sport, I don't really care to whither hours away honing in my skills on my Blackberry when I could be standing in front of an actual dart board with my arrows.

Being a techno-junkie on the other hand inclines me to remedy the situation by developing a mobile app that makes sense for us crazy fans of darts.

Having said that, I am asking you - the darts community - what you'd like to have in a mobile app for darts. I intend on engineering the app to be available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry and I intend on offering it as a free download.

So far my ideas include:
  • A list of different dart games with their rules/how to play
  • Real time darts news from the major outlets
  • Player profiles and stats
  • Darts pub locator/directory
  • Major dart tournament schedules
  • Dart videos
  • The ability to share/post within social networks
  • Live streams from major events (if I can tackle that)

I'm wide open to your feedback and suggestions, and I'd like everyone to jump in. Bottom line is, I'd hate to put a lot of work into an app that me and maybe a dozen others may use. I'd like to create this for darts junkies that would be interested in having their darts fix available to them wherever they go.

The comments area is open for discussion, or you can hit me up on Twitter, join the conversation on Facebook or if you really have to shoot me an email.

Thanks in advance for your input!

UPDATE JULY 30, 2010

From @rrrebo via Twitter:
I want to run my blind draw from my BlackBerry. Simple barckets, click to move the winner over, automatically moves the loser to the loser's bracket. Maybe input # of boards and have the app randomize assignments to ensure fair rotation. Too much? :)

And my response via Twitter:
Great idea! Although if your tourneys go anything like mine you'll have players chasing you around to look at the phone all night!

I think this is a great suggestion! It brings to mind how many features to add. Number of players? Payout calculator? @rrrebo has the gears in my head running already...