New Darts Game - Sniper!

Well, it's new to me anyway...

Last night a few of us had arrived early for the weekly dart tournament, and a fellow shooter introduced us to an interesting game that focuses primarily on the doubles. You can include as many players as there are numbers on the board (21), and the double bull can be used. Here's how it is played:

Each player throws one dart with their off hand (ie: right handed players throw left handed). The number they hit becomes their assigned double. So if a player hits a single 19, the double 19 becomes their assigned double for opponents to shoot at. No two players can be assigned the same double, so if a player hits a number that is already taken they simply pull their dart and throw again until they hit an un-assigned number. Once all players have an assigned double, the throwing order is determined by closest to the bull to farthest from the bull.

The object of the game is to hit each opponents double three times to knock them out of the match. This is interesting because it is a collective effort by all players, three marks on any players double eliminates that player. In order to start each player must hit their assigned double to be activated (double in), then they may start marking the doubles they hit on their opponents assigned numbers.

If you hit your own double after being activated, it counts as a mark on your number. For example, last night I was assigned the double 14 and an opponent the double 11. That created a scenario to where either one of us could miss the intended double and slip into our own, thus shooting ourselves in the foot so to speak. It also provided our opponents a nice slice of the board to take us out early.

The way we were chalking it was simply listing the players in their throwing order with their assigned double next to their names. Once a player has hit their assigned double to get in, they can circle their number and begin aiming at all opponents assigned doubles. Three marks next to any player and they're out of the game, last player remaining gets the glory.

Good luck with it!