New Books On Darts!

Darts columnist and darts enthusiast extraordinaire Paul Seigel - aka Dartoid - has just published two new books about darts! And I am proud and honored to have gotten the call to design the book covers this time around. Despite the publisher insisting on handling the typesetting. But it's what inside these books that counts!

Without question I recommend Dartoid's first book, It's A Funny Game, Darts, Life, and the new additions are just as much of a great read for dart players.

2008 – The Year in Darts chronicles a great year in the sport as translated through the creative mind of Dartoid. Expect the usual facts, play by play recollections, unforgettable highlights and occasional humor thrown in for a great read and a great addition to what I know is your never ending library of darts books.

The Outrageous and Completely Untrue History of the Sport of Darts is a hilarious rendition of the way the sport of darts became what is is today from the creation of darts in the Garden Of Eden to present day competition. As you can see by the cover, the cast of characters is nothing short of comedy gold.

Order yours today from the Toid' Shop, and expect more from Dartoid later this year!