Dart Players Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays Dart Players!

Here's hoping you have a great Holiday Season along with best wishes for you to give - and hopefully receive - some of the coolest gifts for darts that you can use year round! In addition to the variety of dart shirts available, let's not forget about the other things we use in the world of darts between playing at home, on the road at tournaments and in league. Let's get started on what great things this year has to offer:

Game Room Gear

Some of us are blessed with a full converted basement, garage or dedicated game room for darts. Others make due with a Man cave or small setup in a corner for practice and play at home. No matter what your darts setup may be, you can always give it a boost of darts spirit and sport with a collection of items we've simply titled Cool Darts Stuff.

We've recently updated and added new darts designs to all of our beer steins, shot glasses, clocks, coffee mugs, koozies and coasters. All of which decorate any game room or home setup with style and darts appeal.

All of these items are fully customizable, just contact us about adding your name, team name, dart league or nick name for your darts hideaway. Anything you think would make your item unique to yourself or your game room.

What is missing from your game room or home bar setup? In addition to having unique darts designs on coasters, beer steins, koozies, shot glasses, out charts, clocks and coffee mugs we now can add darts pint glasses to the mix!

A must have item for any dart players game room, practice area or man cave. Consider taking one to league night or the local luck of the draw tournament to keep your beverage standing out from the rest! These pint glasses featuring unique darts designs also make great awards, so feel free to contact us about customization!

Coffee Mugs and Ceramic Travel Mugs

A gift that not only gets used year round, but almost daily in many of our lives. Super-size your favorite hot beverage and just size-up to avoid spills with our hefty, 15 oz. ceramic coffee mug with a large easy-grip handle. Measures 4.5" tall, 3.25" diameter and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Love style? Then drink this up, because our eye -catching ceramic tumblers are a work of art. They're also a workhorse thanks to a solid design with steel inner-sleeve that's ideal for hot or cold beverages. Holding a full 15 oz. and fitting into most vehicle's cup holders (includes snap-tight lid), it's also a great choice for travel. Measures 7" tall with a ceramic outer shell and a stainless steel inner sleeve. And don't forget the benefit of the gasket-sealed lid with a snap tight closure. It's the dart players sippy cup!

Darts Koozies and Thermos Brand Insulated Goodies!

While we're on the subject of beverages both hot and cold, check out these brand new Thermos brand insulated goodies! First off, be the envy of your dart league with an insulated darts koozie! Holds your can, bottle or pint glass! Or how about being the envy of the gang at the office as well? A FUNtainer Food Thermos or FUNtainer Thermos Bottle might be just the thing to show your darts pride. Ever play at a venue that doesn't serve food? Take a hot bowl of Chili with you for league night or long tournaments!

Dart Art! Calendars and Prints

Who'd have thought there were calendars for dart players? Track your practice routines, high scores, league achievements or track your dart tournaments each year with a calendar featuring your favorite pick of darts designs. What about a little darts deco for the office or game room? Consider framed prints or posters to breath some darts life your office, home, game room or bar with one of a kind dart art.

Not Enough Deco To Choose From?

More great gift ideas include mouse pads, ceramic tile coasters, keepsake boxes, clocks, and throw pillows all featuring unique darts designs.

For The Traveling Dart Player

Whether it's the short trip to darts or a journey to a weekend dart tournament, these duffel bags and totes are perfect for dart players on the go. Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you're out and about. They include a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. Made from a 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric featuring 22" reinforced self-fabric handles these are as sturdy as totes can get. Machine washable. Measures 15" x 18" x 6".

Another option is our Nylon Gym Bag from American Apparel. Made with a water-resistant Nylon Pack Cloth construction, it's made for the rigorous demands of an athletic lifestyle. With a durable zipper (surrounded by reinforced-Nylon) and Nylon webbing straps, you'll love this versatile and durable bag. Dimensions: 20" x 9" (50.8 cm x 86 cm) and made in the U.S.A.!!!

More For "On The Go" Dart Players

As we just announced recently, the new Custom iPhone Cases for Dart Players are here! With all of the recent tinkering around going on creating darts wallpapers for cell phones and computers, and even developing a darts app for iPhone and Blackberry it only makes sense to bring some iPhone cases in to print our custom darts design on. These custom iPhone cases combine luxury with ultimate protection. The fitted hard plastic case is covered with an easy-to-grip fabric that is richly printed with your favorite darts design.

Product Details
  • Customizable online!
  • Made for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4
  • Fitted, hard-shell case wrapped with soft fabric
  • Raised front for extra screen protection
  • Access to all ports, controls, and sensors
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to grip
  • Form-fitting with easy on-and-off
  • Ships in 24 hours
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Are we missing your favorite design? Would you like a custom design created for you? Leave a note in the comments area and let us know! We're adding more designs on a regular basis as well as designing fresh designs specifically for these cases!

Custom Designed Steel Tip Out Charts

Out charts with style to jazz up your darts setup. Checkouts from 52 to 170, both two and three dart options listed. Be the first to be unique with these one of a kind darts out charts. 18 designs to choose from!

Darts In The Holiday Spirit!

It just wouldn't be right to shop for all these exciting gifts without spreading the holiday spirit along with our passion for the sport of darts! Share your love for the sport with these one of a kind Christmas Cards or Christmas Ornaments for dart players! You won't find more dart related holiday spirit from any other source!

Darts Keyrings

These key chains embellished with our original darts designs are perfect for making you and your keys stand out. Express yourself with a custom printed key ring featuring darts designs that show what you love most.

Consider personalization! Having your league logo and info printed on key chains for prizes and giveaways. Run a regular local tournament? Have us print up some key chains for you to pass around and promote it.

Also great for bottle openers, dart tools, dart cases and more!

With a cool darts key chain, don't expect to ever loose your keys again.

Darts Flip Flops

If you're a true darts fanatic, you have at least one of everything that exists with some sort of darts related feature, function, design or graphic image. The darts shirt is a no brainer. You have your darts koozie to keep your beverage cold, your darts coffee mug to keep your beverage hot, a nice dart case and more. But what about the shoes?

Not every dart player agrees with the choice of open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops for playing due to the obvious danger of getting stuck in the foot by a bounce out. But you can still be the envy of all your darts friends and show your darts pride with these unique and one of a kind darts flip flops!

Our custom thong flip flops are water proof and come emblazoned with darts designs that reflect your style and your game. Available in mens, womens and kids, they're perfect for wear around the house, at the beach or to the local darts pub.

Get a pair with a dart shirt to match!

Darts Jewelry

New products are rolling in, including darts jewelry. Necklaces, Charms, Earrings and Bracelets bearing unique darts designs you can only find at mydartshirts.com.

Shine bright and share your love for darts! Necklaces feature electroplated nickel silver plating, finished with a non-tarnish overcoat gloss. Earrings, Charms and Pendants have hooks made of surgical steel. The perfect accessories to complete your darts wardrobe.

And not all darts jewelry should be assumed as Women's. There are plenty of designs suited for the guys. Have a look at the new darts jewelry section and see for yourself!

Once again, Happy Holidays and all the best from mydartshirts.com!

Shoot well!