Steel Tip Out Charts for Darts

I was sitting in my "darts office" one morning around 3 or 4 am after a long stretch of working a double. When your building a web site for a 16+ hour stretch like that you start to lose your ability to speak english due to typing code for most of the day, and visually you see many things from a unique perspective.

I had grabbed myself a cold beer and a smoke, sat my chair at the throw line and sat staring at my darts setup. I have everything just about the way I like it out there, however I have taken down and hung up an out chart poster several times, unsure if I like it or not when I rarely refer to it myself. It does come in handy for guests quite frequently though, so at the moment I have one hanging under the dart board.

On this particular night I began glancing at the out chart and pondering on some finish I had last week in league when suddenly my brain kicked in and told me "I don't like how plain that out chart is". Seriously, about the only thing it has going for it - above say a list of parts for a Holley Carb to hang on the wall - is that it refers to darts.

Naturally I decided to design one to order, which led to a few ideas, which led to more ideas.... Now I dont know whether to stop designing and order one or keep working to find one I like. I am up to about a dozen so far.

EDIT: I wound up ordering the Ton80 IQ out chart, and it looks fantastic.