Dart Shirt Goodness: Autographed by John Part

Last year I had the privilege of designing the artwork for one of John Parts exhibitions held in Canada. It was a volunteer project, and what a great gesture of thanks it was for the organizer of the event to send me a dart shirt bearing John Parts signature. A thousand thanks to Rocky and to Darth Maple himself!

The original artwork:

It took a while to get here, and during the wait I had been considering a nice frame for it. I'd like to hang it up with a pic of John holding up his third World Championship trophy. However I regret to say this, but the printing is far from impressive:

Maybe I'm just picky having been in the imprinted sportswear industry since 1996. Maybe I had envisioned a much better product considering JP's pro status. I don't mean to offend anyone, but in all honesty It looks as if someone cut out some cheap heat transfers with a set of those scissors they give you in Kindergarten and ironed the logo on. You can clearly see where the transfer was cut out around the logo and the lettering. It is dirty looking as if the transfer paper was stained.

All that aside, I think I'll still frame this up. It really is something special to me regardless of the quality.

Here is a video clip from the event. Nice oche!