EXCLUSIVE: Darts Players Reveal Valentines Day Secrets!

What do darts players do n Valentines Day weekend? Play darts! I miss the league days myself, we'd have a couples tournament and an all day darts event. Because darts!

What ideas can you come up with for the darts player on your Valentines Day list? Leave the chocolate and cards at the store and check these gifts out!

Darts Case Hanger / Purse Hanger

In fact, these gizmos will hang just about anything. She won't be expecting such a clever gift, and you can take credit for going the extra mile to find something so unique for her!

Darts Shirt Pajamas

His or Hers comfortable pajamas for a cozy night in at the dart boards.

Nike Dri-FIT Pique Darts Shirts

Comfort, style, and a selection of individual darts designs to suit your darts personality.

Unique Tye Dye Darts Shirts

Stand out in the crowd at any darts event.

USB Charging Stations

Who thinks of something like a one-of-a-kind darts gift that lasts for years and gets daily use and appreciation?

Valentines Day Volume

Wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be used for playing music during darts or even a hands free device for the phone.

Happy Valentines Day Darts Players! Enjoy some Darts and Chill this February!