Darts and Chill?

It's the new thing for 2017. Trust me, I saw it on the Internet...

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The Funny Story That Led To This Design

After a day of golf towards the end of last summer, I was sitting with my good friend Luis on a picnic bench having a few after-golf beers. The sun was dropping and the weekend was just getting started, but boredom was becoming obvious. We had nothing to do.

Keep in mind, I am 48 years old and Luis is in his mid 20's. A conversation unfolded as I watched him silently tapping away on his iPhone:

Me: WTF are you doin', texting? You type on that thing faster than I can on a keyboard...

Luis: *Looks up with a funny stare* Playing a game.

Me: Ah. Well, I'm gonna go get more beer and hit the Man Cave for the night. Wanna come on over? Netflix and chill?

(I had seen this phrase used online. I assumed it was just a hip thing to say among the younger crowd. I also assumed it just meant relax and watch a movie.)

Luis: *Looks up with an angry face* NOT WITH YOU!

Me: WTF? You were just over last weekend to get me caught up on all that Batman nonsense!

Luis: Do you even know what Netflix and chill means?

Me: Sure. Crack a beer, turn on a movie.

Luis: Naaaahhhh na na no no no nooooooooo my friend. It's when you invite your girl over to put on Netfilx and make out with her.


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