Are You Serious? Darts Flip Flops?!?

If you're a true darts fanatic, you have at least one of everything that exists with some sort of darts related feature, function, design or graphic image. The darts shirt is a no brainer. You have your darts koozie to keep your beverage cold, your darts coffee mug to keep your beverage hot, a nice dart case and more. But what about the shoes?

Not every dart player agrees with the choice of open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops for playing due to the obvious danger of getting stuck in the foot by a bounce out. But you can still be the envy of all your darts friends and show your darts pride with these unique and one of a kind darts flip flops!

Our custom thong flip flops are water proof and come emblazoned with darts designs that reflect your style and your game. Available in mens, womens and kids, they're perfect for wear around the house, at the beach or to the local darts pub.

Get a pair with a dart shirt to match!