Welcome To The Smartass Darters Society!

The Smartass Darters Society. A club with a line of dart shirts for the humorous, arrogant, witty and often ignorant.

Spring cleaning has been underway at mydartshirts.com with many new designs being added as well as a few going through some re-design stages. Older designs that have fell to the wayside of the newer darts graphics have been moved to a discontinued section and discounted.

Those dart shirts that had some interesting and often Smartassed phrases have been enveloped into a new line we have dubbed The Smartass Darters Society. There are no society dues and anyone can join. In fact, if you're adamantly not a Smartass - EVER - you might know one who deserves a nice gift to see if they'll shut up.

We'll begin posting details about the new designs in the Smartass Darters Society line as they are added to the web site.

Let us know your Smartassed ideas!

Use the comments section on the blog, drop us a comment or suggestion on Facebook or start a trending topic on Twitter using the hash tags #darts #SDS. We'd love to hear from you!