Johnny K's Toys For Tots Dart Tournament Meets $15,000 Goal

Johnny K's Toys For Tots Dart Tournament and Fundraiser met the $15,000 goal Johnny had his eyes set on for 2010. The full story and video from WNEP:

The folks at Toys for Tots said a higher number of people are asking for help this holiday season.

A group in Schuylkill County is making sure that need is met.

Volunteers gathered in John Kuczynski's garage near Zion Grove and began the job of packing up toys. Kuczynski raised money by sponsoring dart tournaments. He said his group of friends then went out and bought $15,000 worth of toys. "I am just a small-town country boy that started playing darts a long time ago and for me to be a part of this is unbelievable!" Kuczynski said.

One of Kuczynski's friends is Jennifer Weikel who said, "Every year this keeps growing and he has the biggest heart than anyone I ever met."

The bags of toys were then loaded on a large truck. Kuczynski said it was needed because of the sheer number of toys. "I love kids. I don't have any of my own but I have a four-year-old godson and he's going to help us load the toys up and is excited about it. He's four but understands there are kids that don't have anything," Kuczynski added.

Ed Quirin is a retired Marine and runs the Toys for Tots program in Schuylkill County . He said the need is great. "In 2008 we had about 800 kids, in 2009 we were about 1,200 and this year we're at 1,900 and still signing up and thats because of the economy," said Quirin.

Carmean Singley likes to volunteer her time. "It's too bad we can't see the smiles on those kids faces. It's great!" she said.

There is still time to donate to the Toys for Tots campaign.