Free Cell Phone Wallpaper: Dragon Darts

I was recently creating some custom wallpapers for my laptops, Blackberry, Pocket PC and other gizmos I have, when a friend noticed one of them I was using on the computer monitor the Man Cave. Having asked about it, I decided with a little effort I could share these wallpapers with my fellow dart players online as I create them.

The first in what will be an ongoing series of wallpapers for computers as well as cell phones, iPhones, Blackberrys and the rest is this Dragon Darts design. I have yet to transfer and upload the full sized monitor images for this particular design, I should be able to catch up on that next week.

For the time being enjoy this one on your cell phone or mobile device! And stay tuned for more, I'll be adding to the collection on a weekly basis provided my schedule allows the extra time.

Scroll down to download this free wallpaper. To stay up to speed on additions follow me on any of these social networks:

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A closer look at the Dragon Darts Wallpaper

Download according to your mobile devices screen resolution:

Save the image that is the correct size for your cell phone/mobile device display by right clicking on it and selecting "save picture as", then sync the image to the appropriate place in your mobile device. If you don't have a way to sync images from your computer to your mobile device, visit this URL to upload it or create a jump code.

240X320 (QVGA)
320X240 (QVGA)