Keep Your Aiming Fluid Cold and Your Dinnerfor Darts Hot!

One thing I've been missing in my arsenal of dart shirts and darts tools and toys is a cool darts koozie. Not only for keeping my aiming fluid cold but to distinguish my beer from all of the other players when playing at tournaments or league. I am happy to say I won't be missing that anymore as we now offer Thermos brand darts koozies with the ability for full customization! These Thermos brand darts koozies hold standard 16oz cans, 12oz bottles and even your standard pint glass. Perfect!

In addition to these killer darts koozies Thermos also provided us with Large Thermos Bottles, FUNtainer Food Thermos Containers and FUNtainer Thermos Bottles. These are perfect for taking anything hot and cold with you and bear our unique darts designs for personalization. I am reminded of nights we play league at a venue that doesn't serve food. If I get a late start from working to get there on time I tend to skip dinner altogether. Now I think I'll take along some chili, chips and queso or anything else I crave!

Consider darts koozies for awards for your dart league!