Your Valentine Plays Darts?

Yes dart players, it's that time of year again. And as an added bonus, if you're a racing fan this years Daytona 500 is scheduled for February 14th! I don't know about you but the romantic side of me says darts and race cars on Sunday!

OK, in reality several DVR's across the Country will likely be handling the race while Valentines Day takes it's course. But we're not going to forget our significant other, especially if we can get darts involved!

For the ladies we've added some smokin' hot Women's Boy Briefs to compliment the Ladie's Thongs they enjoyed last year. Available in Red, Pink or White and Made in the USA by American Apparel, these briefs feature an elastic waistband and trim and are form fitting to hug those Dart Diva's curves. Throw in one of our cute Teddy Bears wearing a dart shirt and consider Valentines Day a huge success with the dart playing lady in your life!

Gal's can still find their dart player a nice pair of Boxers, or even the new iDart Boxer Brief (more designs in progress!) on the romantic side of things, or consider letting him go Commando and get more mileage our of one of our new Darts Travel Bags. Perfect for the dart player who attends tournaments frequently or finds themselves traveling on occasion. And if you're a shooter yourself, grab a new Darts Travel Tote for nights at the boards!

Don't forget about the darts themed Valentines Day Cards or many other great Darts Gifts and Dart Shirts for those who live and love the sport.

Happy Valentines Day to all! Shoot well, have fun, and enjoy playing darts with your significant other if at all possible!