What's Your Dart Teams Name?

I find one of the most entertaining things about league darts is the clever team names that players come up with. Often they will be descriptive of the players on the team, other times the name reflects a humorous dart phrase or spin on dart terminology.

Not too long ago I polled an Internet audience of people unfamiliar with darts. The question - in short - asked people their opinions about how dart players are seen through the eyes of the general public.

Their general consensus was that when they saw people playing darts it looked like a casual affair. Just friends getting together for a few pints and a good time on the boards.

Many mentioned that if all the players were dressed alike or "in uniform" for lack of a better term, they would of course perceive the game as something on more of an organized and competitive level.

Think about that for a moment. How many times have you been playing darts somewhere and another person in the venue walks through the dart area on the way to the can? How about those who walk up and interrupt play? Perception may be why that happens. Perhaps if everyone were wearing their matching dart shirts on each team one may decide to go around and NOT interrupt the match, having the perception that organized competition is in progress.

Dart shirts are great for a team in that aspect as well as others. A teams sponsoring club can enjoy the advertising they get when their team wears their dart shirts to other events and venues. Plus it promotes the sport in the eyes of the public as well as the venues that support darts.

All in all a win-win situation in my opinion!

The Master List of Darts Team Names

The following is a list of dart team names I have compiled and maintain. As time allows and creativity hits me, I pick one out to create a design for. Clearly I have plenty of work to do if I want to address all of them. You can help by suggesting your darts team name in the comments section!

9 Mark Mayhem
Armed & Hammered * DONE
Awesome Outs
Bad Company * DONE
Bag'O Nuts
Bangin' Neighbors * DONE
Beer B4 Bullseyes * DONE
Beer Factor * DONE
Bent Shafts
Breakfast Makers
Breakfast of Chalkers
Brew Crew * DONE
Bulls Brothers * DONE
Bullshooters * DONE
Bulls On Parade * DONE
Busted Nuts
Cabana Boys * DONE
Chairmen of the Board
Chalking Our Way To The Finals
Champion Chalkers
Cocks & Hens
Corked Again
Crazy Horse * DONE
Damage Incorporated * DONE
Dart Pimps * DONE
Dart Vaders
Dartaholics Anonymous * DONE
Darty Dealers
Darty Deeds * DONE
Darty Harrys
Darty Minded Girls
Darty Minds
Darty Thoughts
Dirty Double Dealers
DOA - Drunk On Arrival
Double Trouble
Drunkin' Gonuts * DONE
Dubious Math
Dubious Subtraction
DUI - Darting Under the Influence
Fall Out Boys
Fatal Subtraction
Filthy McDarty-Pants
Flight Risk
Floppy flights
Fully Loaded
Give 'em the Shaft
Heads'n Tails
I Am Darticus
In the Red
In the Shadows
Innovative Outs
Is it in?
Just Darting Around
Knockers and Nuts
Legion of Doom
Legless Crickets
Lightning Strikes
Lock, Stock and three smoking arrows
Lucky Strikes * DONE
Madhouse Mafia * DONE
Maniacs * DONE
Men in flights
Menace To Sobriety * DONE
Mindless Math
Non-stop Flights
Numbaone with a Bullout
Oche Dokies
Oche Pokey
On the Outs
One Flight Up
Point Whores * DONE
Projectile Dysfunction * DONE
Quintus Dartus Maximus
Raging Bulls
Real Bulls Hitters
Screwy Wiring
Sharks * DONE
Shark Attack * DONE
Sharp As A Marble
Shootin' Blanks
Sleepin' Out
Slings & Arrows
Slop Servers
Shloshed In Translation * DONE
Starving Dartists * DONE
Sticky Tips
Stumble In/Stagger Out
Team Midol
The Beer Nuts
The Bent Tips
The Brews Brothers * DONE
The Bull Weevils
The Cheap Shots
The Corkscrewers
The Darts Of Hazard * DONE
The Deadeye Dicks
The Dukes of Hurl
The flight Crew
The Hard Shafts
The Load-Shooters
The Noisy Crickets
The Outies
The Rail Riders
The Rebound Guys
The Rebounders
The Royal Shafters
The Shafted
The Shaftmasters
The Soft Tips
The Tail Pinners
The Taming of the Brew
The Third Legs
The Triple Its
Three Darts To The Wind * DONE
Throws of Despair
Throw'n Together
Total Recall
Tough 2 Trip On
Treble Clefts
Triple Threat
Twenty Somethings
Wayward Arrows
We'd Hit It
Wears the Point
Wet Foot Warriors
What Happened?
Where's a Ton?
Where's the Point?
Who Darted? * DONE
Wire Walkers
Wire we here?
Wired * DONE
Wired Again
Wired Out
Wrong Bed's
Y'all Duck! * DONE

Ladie's Team names:

Angry Beavers * DONE
Baby Tons
Birds on a Wire
Board Housewives * DONE
Brazen Bimbos
Dartin' Divas
Dizzy Diddlers
Flightless Birds
Flighty Chicks
Hail Mary's
Hip Hollotopus
Is It In yet?
Lady and the Tramps
Pointer Sisters
Quick Flings
Shanghai Sisters
Small Pies
The Bitches of Bullseye
The Nice Spreads
The Outside Piddlers
Throws of Exstasy
Tight Flights
Tungstun Kissun