Taylor Blasts King: Video

Whyte and Mackay Premier Dart League, Week 5:

14-time world champion Phil Taylor accused Mervyn King of throwing "over him" during their Premier League match in Newcastle.

Taylor: "I bent down to pick up a dart which I’d dropped and Mervyn threw over the top of me. He could have blinded me and it’s completely out of order. I’m really not happy about it. There’s always some sort of gamesmanship on the oche but there’s no place for that. You just don’t do that during a match. It seems to be what Mervyn does but I’m not going to put up with that sort of behavior, it’s just not on."

Reviewing the match I think this video clip is the part of the match Taylor is referring to. While it is hard to tell due to the split screen camera work, it does appear that The Power was still moving off the oche.

It’s unclear at this stage whether King will receive any sort of disciplinary action from the PDC, considering he breached the rules by entering the "black area" before stopping at the oche. This area is meant to be left vacant until the opposing player has retrieved his darts from the board.

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