Do You Have A Darts Logo?

It's well known that most dart players carry a nickname, whether they arrived to the sport with one already or a nickname was given to them during the course of their darts activities. The next step of course is to personify that. Mardle has his Hawaiian shirts as Hawaii 501" and of course Phil "The Power" Taylor with a lightening bolt across his darts shirt.

The latest project we tackled at My Dart Shirts was for "Grasshopper" Andrea Taylor. Throughout several emails bouncing around ideas, taking her direction and tweaking a design to suit her nickname we managed to come up with a great logo for her dart shirts.

The design features a black belt and the symbols for student, teacher and master as the nickname is a reference to Kung Fu.

As soon as you can snatch the dart flight from my hand, it will be time.

Do you have a darts logo? Tell us about it in the comments section!